For over a decade my role as a Morning Show Producer, was to create fun and exciting digital content that would entertain, engage and interact with an audience. After 12 years in traditional broadcasting, I realized that my philosophy of entertaining, engaging and interacting with an audience, is exactly what businesses look to do. So I started Wignz Productions, because I wanted to provide companies with an inexpensive, creative and effective digital solution to promote their brand/product.

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Jared Wigand
"Producer Wignz"


We create professional video content that engages, while effectively delivering a call-to-action that appeals to the users attention span.


Whether it’s an engineer to record, a producer to edit, or a voice over talent for your commercial. We can provide it all, at a fraction of the cost.


If you need help with initial setup, the recording, production or all three. We can help you get your fully produced show online and in the app store.

360 Video

VR can transform the way customers view your business. With state of the art equipment and software, we can provide you with virtual tours/videos.